Sound of Light

Hillside Inside 2021

The Sound of Light explores the theme of overcoming or rising above something, of resilience, persistence, and freedom.   It can involve rising up, looking out, looking inward, looking back and ahead.  This series is meant to include songs of protest, and spirituals about emancipation, courage, heart, and strength, working songs or travelling songs, gospel songs, a cappella songs, and call-and-response songs.  Some of these performances encourage audience participation—by call-and-response format, by encouraging rhythmic accompaniment via hand-clapping and foot-stomping, or by singing along.  But all are moving, inspiring songs with strong vocals.  Our aim is to showcase artists who lift us up and remind us of what’s important. This year’s Sound of Light includes artists from Guelph, parts of Ontario, the island of Mauritius, and Syria.

Click on names below to find out more about the artists and to view videos during the Hillside Inside weekend.

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