The Hillside Summer Festival and Hillside Inside are three-day, multi-stage events with a broad artistic vision that emphasizes diversity:  of culture, of musical heritage and style, of age, geography and influence.

Set in a beautiful, accessible conservation area with campgrounds on Guelph Lake, our summer festival is world-renowned as one of Canada’s most progressive, environmentally conscious, completely non-commercial community celebrations. We create a village on Guelph Lake Island that we fill with music, dance, drumming, food, crafts, and more. 

Vision Statement

Hillside will create a more vibrant and caring world by promoting altruism, equality, environmentalism, and peacemaking in every aspect of its work.

Mission Statement

The Hillside Community Festival is a not-for-profit music festival that celebrates creativity through artistic expression, community engagement, and environmental leadership.

Board of Directors

Hazel Wheeler
John Leacock
Rob Pangborn
Joanne Raymond
Darrell Kane
Dave Mackay
Murray Clarke
Jeremy Marr
Andrew Toms
Luke Weiler
Rachel Tomlinson
Nicola Inglefield


Marie Zimmerman | Executive Director
Samir Baijal | Artistic Director
Janet Linwood | Operations Manager
Cathy Simioni | Bookkeeper
Nichika Ramadoo | Marketing Coordinator
Kavya Yoganathan | Video Editor, Marketing Assistant
Gareth Lind | Graphic Designer
Vish Khanna | Publicist
Matt Knischewsky | Technical Production Manager
Sascha Poddar-Kampmann | Security Director

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