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Membership costs $25 annually (May 1st, 2020 to April 30th, 2021). Volunteers who have paid a volunteer fee for the year can purchase a membership for $5.

*Note:  To ensure voting privileges, the membership fee must be paid at least 2 weeks before the AGM. You may still purchase a membership after that time, but will not be able to cast a vote at the AGM on Wednesday, November 25, 2020.

Hillside creates opportunities in the arts and tech for BIPOC, youth, Indigenous artists, women, and LGBTQ2S+ people. Purchase your Hillside membership and become part of our community.

Hillside Festival 2020-2021 Members

Adrian Harding
Alexandra Klein
Andrea Martin
Andrew Toms
Andy Coltman
Angie Ferreira
Aurora Coltman
Barbara Mann
Bob Megens
Braden Phelan
Brian Houf
Bridgit Burns
Cameron Toy
Carla Giddings
Carol-Ann Betz
Caroline Moore
Carolyn Silvestro
Cindy Collins
Dan Schneider
Darrell Kane
Dave MacKay
Dominica McPherson
Dwight Syms
Ed Langevin
Elivia Cazzola
Emily Parsons
Eric Pringle
Erica Kelly
Erika Heesen
Eve Lake
Gareth Lind
Gerry Marsico
Gerry O’Farrell
Gregory Smith
Hazel Brewer
Hazel Wheeler

Holly Nixon
Ian Hurlbut
James Ball
Janet Alilovic
Jean Markovich
Jeremy Marr
Jess Tester
Joanne Raymond
John Leacock
Jon Beharry
Julia Grady
Karen Skidmore
Kelly Guthrie
Kristina Falk
Laura Harrison
Lauren Duinering
Laurie Menard
Lisa Calzonetti
Lloyd Grinham
Luke Weiler
Lynda Lehman
Mandy Hiscocks
Mandy Schnurr
Marcia Ruby
Margaret Stewart
Marilyn Baxter
Marion Willms
Mark Humphrey
Marnie Benson
Marty Williams
Matthew Ferris
Melissa Moogk-Soulis
Michael Scorer
Mike Schreiner
Miko Caro
Monika Caemmerer

Murray Clarke
Murray Short
Naomi Miedinger
Neal Moogk-Soulis
Nicola Inglefield
Paul Demarco
Peter Cameron
Rachel Tomlinson
Rebecca Clough
Richard Charity
Richard Nicol
Rob Code
Rob Kerr
Rob McLean
Rob Pangborn
Rob Whitmore
Roger Moore
Roland Wilhelm
Ross Durfey
Ross Kelly
Sandy Wels
Sarah Greene
Shona Sneddon
Stephanie Cordes
Stephanie Kelso-Devey
Sue McGinnis
Sylvia Miedinger
Tannis Slimmon
Tara Batchilder
Taylor Binnington
Terry French
Theresa Phair
Thomas Wright
Tom KleinBeernink
Trudy Dickinson
Yvette Tendick

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