Kevin Thomair and Solena Jade Williams

Kevin Thomair

Kevin is a Mauritian and is best known as a musician/producer and arranger specializing in Chillout and Underground music. Kevin has collaborated and performed with many artists in Mauritius and is willing to build his own music empire. Kevin is a Level 6 Grade in music theory and now learning from amazing sound engineers since last year, wanting to develop his mixing and mastering skills. Kevin listens and plays all genres of music, his goal is to uplift Mauritius in the world of music.

Solena Jade Williams

Hi, my name is Solena Jade Williams. I have been singing for as long as I can remember and I love it actually. I feel like singing is a way of communicating directly with another person’s soul. Pretty deep I would say, but that’s how I see it. Combining music and lyrics together has been a passion of mine. I find it appeasing to just let loose of one’s emotion into a beating melody. Throughout this year I have been trying my best to stay optimistic and writing as well as singing has helped me through it all.

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