Ramon Chicharron

Born in Medellin, Colombia, and based in Montreal the multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Ramon Chicharron promotes a heartfelt blend of genres and identities. With his distinctive voice, catchy groove influenced by latin rhythms, and a touch of electronic sounds, Ramon will take you on a colourful trip. While his EP Merecumbé (2018) was composed in the jungle of Costa Rica, the songs of this new album were composed between Montreal and Miami and represents the blend between identities, and the contrast between urban and nature, tradition and modernism, dream and reality. His dansable compositions are inspired by a desire to live a simpler life, a world without borders and the difficulties one encounters when pursuing his dream. Pescador de sueños, which translates by fisherman of dreams, reminds us this precisely; a dream is never impossible if you learn to focus your energies and efforts towards an objective. The album, produced by Boogát, was released on May 22nd 2020 under the label Ray-On.

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