How to Hillside

Accessibility and Support

If you require support, the Access Support Tent is located near the accessible parking area, next to the First Aid Tent. You can ask any volunteer for help and they will connect you with the Access Support Krew (ASK). Click here for more information on accessibility at the festival.


Local and regional suppliers will be serving all beverages in reusable drinkware. Purchase yours before lining up for drinks.


Download our festival program app ahead of time to see the schedule and add shows to your favourites to get notified when they start.


A cash machine will be on the island during the festival weekend. Cash can only be used at some food and craft vendors. Hillside is fully cashless, including the gate, bars, info booth, merch tent, and parking.

Dishwashing and Reusable Dishes

We strongly encourage the use of reusables at Hillside Festival. Bins for dirty dishes are located at the Trash Turnaround stations outside the food pavilion and all over the island. You are also welcome to bring your dirty dishes to be washed!

First Aid

The First Aid tent is located at the entrance of the festival site. EMS and paramedics will also be on site. Masks and COVID rapid-tests are available for free at the First Aid tent.

Information Booth

Located directly across from Henry Kock’s Bike Lot. Paper schedules are available here if needed. Earplugs, sunblock, batteries, and other items are available for purchase here as well. Scan the QR code to complete the Hillside survey online for a chance to win the Ultimate Hillside 2025 Weekend Package!

Lost and Found

Located at the Information Booth. After the festival, items will be moved to the Hillside Office at 341 Woolwich St, Guelph. Items will be kept for a month and then donated if unclaimed. 

Merchandise Tent

Pick up your favourite performers’ latest CDs, books, T-shirts, and more! This is also where you can purchase Hillside merch—t-shirts, water bottles, hats, and sweatshirts, to name a few. Located across from the Information Booth.

Solar Power

Hillside promotes the use of sustainable energy alternatives such as the solar water heater in a refurbished camping trailer parked just outside the dishwashing area. Solar charging stations are available at the Main, Lake, and Island stages to charge personal devices.

Security Tent

In the event of an emergency, ask any Hillside volunteer for directions to the Security Tent (located near Henry Kock’s Bike Lot).

Shade Tents

Please be considerate and share the shade. The Oasis tent, one of the three shade tents in front of the Main Stage, is reserved for people with disabilities, older adults, pregnant people, and parents with infants. Spaces cannot be reserved.

Staying Cool

Be aware of symptoms of heat exhaustion and stay cool by enjoying the misting tent, putting your feet in the lake, wearing a hat, drinking water, and seeking out some shade.

Thirst Quenchers Water Wagon

Festival-goers can fill their containers with Guelph tap water for free at the eight tap and fountain stations on the Guelph Water Wagon to the left of the Main Stage. Water is tested regularly to ensure its quality and safety.

Bring Fill Drink

Trust Tent

We offer a safer space for everyone, a space staffed with volunteer Active Listeners that is designed to provide comfort and confidentiality in a supportive, non-judgmental environment. The Trust Tent is tucked away just next to the Green Space. Masks are available for free at the Trust Tent.
Friends of Bill W pop-up meetings Saturday and Sunday at 7:15 pm at the Workshop Tents.


Free Hillside public WiFi is available in specified locations so festival-goers should be able to go online during the festival weekend.

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