Amanda Herrington

How to knit and Tuscan crochet Create beautiful pieces of art using yarn. Learning how to knit and crochet is

Dave Cossaro

Dave Cossaro was born and raised in Guelph, Ont. Dave discovered in his late twenties he could make people smile

Kim Dunne-Robbins

Paint and Create Kimberly Dunne-Robbins is an elementary school teacher who has just completed her 33rd year as an educator. 

Astro Dax

Dax Catre is not your average 6-year-old – he’s an aspiring astronaut and junior scientist. He became interested in space

Jessica Robbins

Making Your Mark: An abstract painting using found objects Making your Mark – Creating a modern abstract painting using anything

Soleia Mermaid’s Garden

Mermaid Pirate Groove at Soleia Mermaid’s Garden  Soleia Mermaid’s Garden is a bubbletopian playland where evMERyone makes a splash on

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