Astro Dax

Dax Catre is not your average 6-year-old – he’s an aspiring astronaut and junior scientist. He became interested in space before the age of 3 when he was read “The Darkest Dark” by Col. Chris Hadfield. He then followed Canadian Space Agency Astronaut David St. Jacques on his adventures on the International Space Station a year later, only to become enthralled with the Apollo Missions to the Moon.

Upon learning that one of the basic requirements in becoming an astronaut is an education in STEM, he decided that he would become both a Scientist and Engineer – so he can ask questions, find the answers, and also build neat things. His dream is to go to Mars and help build a colony there someday.

A natural in front of the camera, AstroDax was created to help teach kids “bite-sized pieces of science” – by sharing experiences and easy to replicate experiments, because “…it’s more fun to share and explore with friends.” When not filming AstroDax or watching rocket launches, Dax is a regular kid – enjoying scootering, Lego, and playing with his cats.

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