Kim Dunne-Robbins

Paint and Create

Kimberly Dunne-Robbins is an elementary school teacher who has just completed her 33rd year as an educator.  She is currently having fun teaching kindergarten students, and over the past three months, she has learned many new ways to make the transition from the classroom to the computer as stress-free and interactive as possible for her students. 

Kimberly believes that “every child is an artist” and provides opportunities for her students to explore, experiment, and express their unique personalities using a variety of non-conventional materials. She lives in Brampton but has come to love the city of Guelph after numerous visits while her two children were completing their undergraduate degrees at the University of Guelph.

Come and visit Mrs. Robbins’ Nest where you will have fun creating cool pictures using paint, plastic bottles, and paper tubes!  Explore, experiment, and let your creativity blossom.

Come and find out what amazing things you can create!

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