Hillside Inside 2021

Enjoy Hillside Inside inside your home February 5th to 7th! Watch original videos created just for Hillside Inside 2021. They will be posted right here on the website and on our YouTube channel. Most performances will be available all weekend so you can get creative with your scheduling. In the meantime, explore the offerings by scrolling down our home page and clicking on whatever piques your interest!


What is Hillside Inside?
It’s our annual winter festival and it’s held in various locations around downtown Guelph. Except when it’s not, because this year it isn’t. We had so much fun putting on a virtual summer festival that we thought we would try it again. We will bring you our usual eclectic mix of Hillside Inside performances, including favourites such as “Girls & Guitars,” the Youth Showcase, the “Sound of Light” series, and this year, a special tribute to John Prine. So, power up your computers and telephones and tablets to experience our excellent musical performers, comedians, workshops, and other video-based activities. 

How do we buy tickets? How much does it cost?
It’s free! Well, mostly free. If you’re checking out an artist in the lineup and there are no ticket details, then that’s a free performance. Enjoy!
However, if you feel inspired to pay something for the experience, please visit our Donate page. We would really love you for that.
We said mostly free because we are offering a “dinner and a show” package that you can read about here.

What’s the schedule?
Hillside Inside 2021 starts Friday, February 5th at 6 pm and ends Sunday, February 7th at midnight. The rest is up to you!
You can watch videos morning, noon, and night if you so choose. You can even watch your favourites more than once. Just keep in mind that the videos will disappear from the website and from YouTube at midnight on Sunday, so plan accordingly.
One notable exception is the Shred Kelly performance which happens live on Facebook at 8pm EST on Saturday, February 6th.

Where can we find the videos?
During Hillside Inside, you can click on an artist’s or workshop presenter’s name on the full lineup page to view their video. You can also access the artists and presenters from the individual category pages: Concerts, Collaborations, Comedy, Bluegrass Jam, Songs of John Prine, Girls and Guitars, Now and Then, Sound of Light, Workshops, and Youth Showcase.

Until then, you can click on names to learn more about our artists and presenters. It’s a great opportunity to curate your own festival schedule!

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