Girls and Guitars

Hillside Inside 2021

Girls & Guitars is a longstanding feature of Hillside Inside that is part of a 10+-year-old project designed to address a gender imbalance in the music industry and thus further our mission of encouraging inclusion and equality.  The project has three streams, including songwriting courses and in-the-school workshops, and this stream represents our attempt to get more female-identified musicians in front of a music-loving audience.  At Hillside Inside, we typically do that by running a progressive party through downtown Guelph, with half-hour performances taking place successively in unusual spots:  a bicycle store, cafés, clothing shops, music shops, a cheese shop, and art galleries.  It is our hope that we will arrest the attention of passers-by and thus build a fan base for the performers.  Over the years, we have showcased bright talents such as Nefe, Tannis Slimmon, Shannon Kingsbury, Joni NehRita, Alanna Gurr, Steph Yates, Lifeanthetribe, Ambre McLean, and so many more.  This year, we will feature the songwriting students from our Girls & Guitars course, some fantastic alt-country and electro-pop artists, and a big new voice all the way from Iran. 

Click on names below to find out more about the artists and to view videos during the Hillside Inside weekend.

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