Dinner from your Neighbourhood – with Patrick Watson

Brunch shows have been an exciting feature of Hillside Inside over the last ten years, where patrons are treated to a live performance while enjoying a meal at a local restaurant.  Sessions by artists such as The Strumbellas, Begonia, Tom Wilson, Rose Cousins, Jann Arden, Don Gillmor and Tony Dekker have made these unique culinary-musical events hugely popular.   We wanted to include a similar experience for this year’s virtual Hillside Inside that you could enjoy in the comfort of your homes and on your screens. So, we have asked the brilliant Patrick Watson to record a 40 minute exclusive session and we have partnered with the four local restaurants that make up The Neighbourhood Group to offer an enticing dinner and show package.

  • Available Friday (after 6pm), Saturday and Sunday evening, Feb. 5th to 7th
  • Place a minimum $15 food and beverage order (curbside pick-up only ) with any of the 4 restaurants
  • Add a $5 “ticket” to your order. This is a donation to the festival, so feel free to add extra tickets!  
  • Pick up your order and receive a QR code that gives you access to the exclusive Patrick Watson video.
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