Shawna Farenick

Hello I’m Shawna Farenick. I have been attending Hillside since the early 2000’s. I have also served as a volunteer.

Big John Leacock

John Leacock is a Hillside Board member who first attended the summer festival in 1994 as a food vendor, selling

Nathan Poulton

Bike Lot Valet The how-to and what’s what at Hillside’s Bike Lot. Discover what Bike Lot has to offer and

Alice Dixon

Alice Dixon

Alice Dixon is a specialist in energy and climate change.  She holds a master’s degree in environmental studies and planning

Kayla Siefried

Composting How to & Climate Connections:  Discover the particulars of making a life filled, nutrient rich soil amendment: what materials

James Saper

Calm the mind and balance your emotions with the Chinese tradition of Qigong. We’ll learn a short Qigong sequence that

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