Alice Dixon

Alice Dixon is a specialist in energy and climate change.  She holds a master’s degree in environmental studies and planning from York University and a bachelor’s degree in fine arts (photography) from Ryerson University. She applies her arts and science background in being a versatile problem solver and communicator. She is an expert in climate risk assessment and adaptation in the built environment. She holds certificates in Planning and Design with Water from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, and in Permaculture Design from Whole Systems Design in Vermont. Alice is a published author on art and urbanism.

Carbon Neutralize Yourself is a hyper-summary of what is causing climate change and what you can do about it. It discusses what a carbon footprint is, how to use a carbon footprint calculator, how to reduce your energy/greenhouse gas emissions, and how to buy carbon offsets to reduce the rest, so you, like Hillside Festival and a bunch of cool bands, can do something about climate change by neutralizing your carbon footprint.

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