Kobo Town

Kobo Town

Saturday, July 23, 4:00 PM, Main Stage It’s Been a Long Time Coming (Session): Friday, July 22, 6:55 PM, Island

Christina Hutt 2022

Christina Hutt

Sunday, July 24, 11:50 AM, Main Stage Christina Hutt is from the “biggest little town” of Kearney, Ontario. Her music

Cadence Weapon 2022

Cadence Weapon

Saturday, July 23, 10:05 PM, Island Stage Unfinished Sympathy (Session): Sunday, July 24, 12:00 PM, Island Stage Cadence Weapon is

Adrian Raso

Adrian Raso

Friday, July 22, 9:05 PM, Island Stage Best of Intonations (Session): Saturday, July 23, 5:05 PM, Sun Stage Adrian Raso

The Human Rights

The Human Rights

Sunday, July 24, 9:10 PM, Island Stage Colossal Jam VII “The Crooked Beat” (Session): Saturday, July 23, 1:35 PM, Main

Melissa Brizuela Photo by Kevin Fung

Melissa Brizuela

Sunday, July 24, 12:35 PM, Sun Stage Melissa Brizuela (she/her) is a believer home-cooked meals can be a synonym for

Briana Doyle

Briana Doyle

Sunday, July 24, 11:50 AM, Main Stage Briana Doyle is a singer-songwriter from the small countryside town of Hudson, Quebec.

Shannon Gault G&G

Shannon Gault

Sunday, July 24, 11:50 AM, Main Stage (Hillside Songwriting Students) Shannon lives in Hudson, Quebec, a small suburb outside of

The Blue And Gold PC Ariella Horvath

The Blue And Gold

Sunday, July 24, 2:00 PM, Main Stage Still Running Up That Hill (Session): Friday, July 22, 5:50 PM, Island Stage

Tania Joy 2022

Tania Joy

Sunday, July 24, 11:50 AM, Main Stage Folk-roots artist Tania Joy recently released her EP “I Will Stand,” produced by

Gangstagrass Melodie Yvonne


Sunday, July 24, 3:05 PM, Main Stage Safe from Harm (Session): Sunday, July 24, 10:15 PM, Lake Stage Gangstagrass combines

Michelle Munroe G&G

Michelle Munroe

Saturday, July 23, 12:30 PM, Main Stage Michelle Munroe is an emerging singer/songwriter who started finding her voice in Hillside’s

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