Lake Stage

One of the spots where you can stop for refreshments and more intimate concerts and jam sessions. The location is right beside Guelph Lake, and if you sit on the benches outside the tent, you can catch a great view of the lake—and some refreshing breezes—while you take in the sounds of another great act on stage in the tent.  You may purchase beer, wine, and cider at this tent and at the Island Stage.  It is also home to several wonderful food vendors.  Though the Lake Stage has a reputation for quieter performances than the Island Stage, it has also been the site of blow-out performances such as the Crown Lands performance, the 2018 set by Five Alarm Funk, and the 2022 NOBRO performance.

Photo Gallery

Lake stage
Dancing crowd at Lake, Casey Wiginton, Hillside 2023
Leela Gilday, Courtney Basler, Hillside 2022
Busby Marou
Lake stage
NOBRO, Hillside 2022, Vicky Mahony
Lake workshop
Lake crowd
Nicolette and the Nobodies, Hillside 2022, Courtney Basler
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