To Our Hillside Community,

It is with deep regret that we are unable to experience the magic and wonder of the Hillside Festival this year.  Each year, the Indigenous Circle is honoured  to offer the Sacred Fire, ceremony,  Circles, and workshops, which allow us to connect with one another, and with the land upon which Hillside is so joyously held.  We support and encourage this year’s Hillside Homeside as a wonderful  avenue  in which to continue  offering amazing experiences, and to maintain connections within the Hillside Community.  Due to the lack of personal connection to the land, and to one another, which is vital to the integrity of the Indigenous Circle, we have made the very difficult decision not to offer a virtual Circle.  With much love, and support, we wish you a fabulous Hillside Homeside.  We look forward to sharing time with you in the Indigenous  Circle when we gather on the island in 2021! 

Happy Hillside!

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