Seimone Kpiniong is FEO Volunteer of the Year

We’re so pleased to announce that our very own Seimone Kpiniong was awarded the Festivals and Events Ontario Volunteer of the Year award!  Seimone has been a dedicated volunteer with Hillside for the last 23 years.  She worked in our Children’s Area, security, and beer sales before stepping into the role of coordinator of our Equipment Shuttle.  Seimone and her crew manage the equipment lock-up for artists’ instruments and the shuttling of artists to stages in a timely manner. Seimone has created an organized, safe, and very welcoming environment for both volunteers and performers.   Every year Seimone receives at least one proposal and a lot of hugs from artists who have had such an incredibly positive experience at the hands of the Equipment Shuttle crew. Artists routinely talk about how amazing Hillside is and how welcome they feel and how appreciated. This translates into amazing performances for our patrons. Having a volunteer like Seimone meeting, providing support to, and creating a warm, welcoming space for artists is absolutely invaluable.

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