Hillside Festival’s 50/50 Raffle

Hillside Festival is excited to announce our online 50/50 fundraiser! Grab your tickets now!

Why We’re Fundraising
At Hillside, we strive to create magical moments. We want our patrons to walk away with not just memories that will last a lifetime, but also stories that they’ll never get tired of telling. 

As a registered charity and not-for-profit, we often rely on the goodwill of our supporters to make our goals possible. With this 50/50 raffle, we aim to raise money while also offering supporters the chance to gain prizes for themselves. Funds raised by this raffle will support Hillside’s mission to celebrate creativity through artistic expression, community engagement, and environmental leadership. 

How It Works
Our 50/50 is a raffle that pools together all of the money gathered from raffle ticket purchases, and at the end of the raffle, draws for one lucky winner. The winner takes home half (50%) of the prize pool, while the organization keeps the other half!

Our raffle will draw at Hillside this year, on Sunday at the island, but we are also offering some early bird prizes for an early draw! A month before the festival, on June 19, we will be drawing three different early bird prizes! They are:

  1. Two weekend passes to Hillside 2024
  2. A GRCA campground campsite for the Hillside 2024 weekend
  3. Merch package: a t-shirt (winner’s choice of size and colour), a water bottle, and a hat (winner’s choice of colour)

Winners will be contacted to claim their prize.
Thank you for your support!

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