Wonderful Watercolour Bookmarks with Jenny Miller

Video available all weekend July 23rd-25th

Welcome to the wonderful world of watercolour painting! This class will show you some basic skills and techniques to paint a beautiful bookmark for all your summer reading adventures. Playing with a wet on wet technique we will make an abstract painting to create 3 different bookmarks. Have you tried painting with salt or saran wrap before? I will show you how to use these common household items to create interesting texture and visual effects. This class is perfect for beginners and appropriate for all ages. All supplies can be be found at home or purchased from a store that sells craft supplies for about $10. Once you learn watercolour painting you’ll be hooked!
Originally from the west coast, Jenny Miller now lives and works in New Dundee, Ontario. She is the co-owner of an art gallery and studio called The Dundee Arts Collective, a brick and mortar community hub where artists and art lovers can showcase and sell their artwork as well as take workshops and pottery lessons. Jenny loves teaching art classes to children in the studio, focusing on basic skills and concepts which builds confidence to encourage their creative instincts to take over! Her favourite artist is Emily Carr, she loves thunder and lightning and thinks that Dill Pickle chips are the best source of inspiration!

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