Vivalda Ndula

Video available all weekend July 23rd – 25th

Born and raised in Luanda, Angola, Vivalda Ndula has become one of the voices of the new generation of Angolan musicians creating a significant cultural and international impact on today’s Angolan music scene. Ndula is an activist, singer-songwriter, percussionist, and dancer. She is multi-award winning, nominated/finalist of StarAfrica Sound, International Songwriting Competition, Angola Music Awards, and Akademia Music Awards. Vivalda sings mostly about love and social inequality, particularly in Angola.
Vivalda also works tirelessly at raising social awareness against child labor, modern slavery, and human trafficking as reflected in her award-nominated songs “Mázui” (“Voices”) and “Monandengue” (“Children”).

Vivalda’s performance follows Nohe & Sus Santos in the video below and begins at the 14-minute mark.

Co-Presented by Globalquerque

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