Stretch Marks: A Film by Vanessa Spence

A clip from the full play that was live-streamed in October 2020, Stretch Marks focuses on the moments leading up to a young woman’s crucial decision of whether she becomes a mother or not. Video available all weekend July 23rd-25th.

Video Acknowledgements:
Writer and Performer: Vanessa C Spence
Stage Manager + Creative Consultant: Cara Krisman
Video and Audio Production, Art Direction: Jillian Fernandes + Hugo Fernandes of JF Images
Music Production: Denroy Jackson “The Archxtect”
Assistant Editor: Ewans Fernandes

Vanessa C Spence is a classically trained theatre actor, published author, playwright, producer, and arts educator. She is a creative entrepreneur with over six years of experience in the performance arts industry and social sectors. Vanessa is the artistic director of Virtu Arts, a theatre company that develops the work and artistry of African, Caribbean, and Black diasporic artists in regions outside of Toronto.
At the root of her life’s work and her artistry, Vanessa seeks to inspire empathy and action by shedding light on the thought processes of women in marginalized communities. Her latest project entitled Stretch Marks, based on her self-published book of poetry explores the mental, emotional, and physical imbalances BIMOC (Black, Indigenous, Mothers of Colour) face through the many stages of motherhood. Part 1 of this three-part series (shown) focuses on the moments leading up to a young woman’s decision of whether to become a mother or not.
Vanessa is currently workshopping Part 2 of the Stretch Marks series to be shared at this year’s IMPACT Festival presented by Mt Space.

A community arts organization that focuses on creating virtual and physical space to educate, develop, and share the stories of African, Caribbean, and Black diasporic in regions outside of Toronto.

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