Valérie Ekoumè

Stepping into Valérie Ekoumè’s world will be one of the most interesting and fulfilling experience you may have. In her colorful world, Love is King and AfroPop is the music she chooses to express it. From a musician family, Valérie Ekoumè is a French Cameroonian singer based in France. She grew up listening to various musical styles from Congolese rumba, pop music artists (as Michael Jackson), to Cameroonian Music. Her life took a different turn when in 2004, she started actively working with Manu DIBANGO in the Soul Makossa Gang. Touring with this great musician for 8 year, was for Valérie one of the most incredible experiences of her life. With many partnerships such as ALAIN BARRIERE, Papa WEMBA…the singer belongs to this new multicultural generation and is influenced by it.

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