Ty Smoke and Frazer Sundown

Ukwehuwe Connection is comprised of Oneida Nation Dancers and Singers that are well versed in the Pow Wow and Long House style. The Oneida Nation originated from Up-State New York and now has territories in Wisconsin, USA and Ontario, CAN. Our people had to migrate to these territories in order to save and protect our culture and way of life. Today, we still practice those ways and are here to share that with you in our performance. 

Frazer Sundown, grew up on the Tonawanda Indian Reservation where he grew a vast amount of knowledge of culture through ceremonies, socials, and Pow Wows. With his knowledge he grew to be an artist sharing his gifts from our creator. 

Ty Smoke, grew up in the Oneida Territory of Thames River where he practices his art of dancing. Dancing is a gift from the creator and is meant to be shared to lift the spirits of everyone. Smoke’s upbeat footwork and dance movement bring excitement to the stage. His moccasins have been to many places and he is a champion Smoke Dancer.

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