The Kramdens

2020 saw a lot of best-laid plans fall apart.

For The Kramdens, 2020 marks their 30th Anniversary. The 5-piece band  has released 7 studio albums, been broadcast coast to coast, and has performed extensively, including high-profile festivals, and performances on national television.

Autumn 2020 will see the release of their 8th record, “Remember Where We Are”. It is, purely by coincidence, a collection of darker songs, with the first single, “(This Is What We Call) Home” garnering national airplay.

If the world is allowed to gather again, look for them in early 2021 with a slew of live performances, including a postponed 30th Anniversary Party.

The Kramdens are Steve Knox, Robert Leader, Michael Plater-Findlay, Mike Ostler, and they’re fronted by CBC Radio Host, Craig Norris.

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