Solo Drumming with Jean Assamoa

Video available all weekend July 23rd – 25th

In Africa, music is neither perceived as an art form nor is it played for its pleasure or entertainment value. It’s part of the way of life and has a great social function and cultural significance. It gives expression to the delight and love of life at festivals and weddings, to pride at ceremonial events, to emotion at religious ceremonies, to creative power at healing ceremonies, to pure love, and courage.
In this solo drumming, Jean will take you through all these processes.

Jean Assamoa, Canadian, is the founder of Akwaba Fashion Elegance and Akwaba Cultural Exchange. Akwaba is a commonly used word of the Akan people in Ivory Coast and Ghana of West Africa, meaning, “Welcome”, a way of accepting people or visitors, saying that our doors are open for them. In a sense, Akwaba reflects the philosophy of this organization whose goal is to raise awareness of West Africa’s rich histories of dance, music, storytelling, and African fashion, and to bring people together through the common appreciation of Africa’s cultural resources.
Jean Assamoa is a professional dancer, comedian, musician, actor, fashion promoter, model trainer, instructor, public speaker, and choreographer from Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire of West Africa.
Jean Assamoa has over 20 years of experience, garnered both locally and internationally, in teaching, the entertainment industry, cultural exchange programs through dance and music, and fashion shows, as well as extensive motivational public speaking experience. He is also a Guest-Teacher at Toronto District School Board.

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