SHEBAD is the creative works of visual artist Claire Voy and multi-instrumentalist Mark Ciccio Spagnolo—a Canadian music and art project that falls on the exploratory side of Indie Soul. Grounded by jazz-influence, melodic bass lines, and Voy’s inimitable voice, the music is immediately compelling and curious. Lyrically the project touches on themes of self actualization, humility, and connection to nature. Melody is at the core of their songwriting, being expressed through rich arrangements of layered vocals, strings, horns, and a blend of electronic and acoustic instruments.

Their live performances typically consist of a 5-piece band with musicians swapping between instruments. The variation between danceable and emotive songs creates a dynamic and memorable journey for listeners. Love is the message, Music is the answer. Open yourself, absorb, enjoy.

Photo: Amit Mehta

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