Preetam Sengupta

Preetam Sengupta is a storytelling singer-songwriter whose live show is built around simple performance, playful stage banter, and very little pyro.

37 Songs for a New World
“Immigrant Song” was at one point titled “Lose Yourself” – another nod to an already famous song with the same name. I love both of those existing songs, and mine sounds nothing like either, but it does tell a story about what I perceive could be part of the immigrant experience, including such things as homesickness, language barrier, memories, and a desire for home.

I recognize that our country has much to answer for when it comes to our history (and our present), but I am grateful for its commitment to welcoming people from other lands – especially those fleeing danger – for a chance to build a life here. This song asks us to imagine seeing things from their perspective.

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