Portal Dance: The Returned

Video available all weekend July 23rd-25th

The Returned is a contemporary dance film curious about the cyclical nature of time, memory, cellular history, recovery, what “haunts us”, inevitable interconnection and the power of humanity…

Portal Dance, a contemporary dance company created in 2011, is comprised of professional dance artists from the greater Guelph area who bring a rich variety of experiences and integrity to the company. Portal Dance is interested in cultivating and stimulating community and collective expression through shared artistic experiences. Portal Dance’s work is invested in communication, collaboration and research into our journey as individuals in this time and place but as well as how we operate as a collective. Portal Dance is passionate about the development and enhancement of the arts scene in the Guelph area and nurturing both its artists as well as its community.

Janet Johnson

Janet is co-artistic director of the Guelph Youth Dance Training Program/Guelph Youth Dance Companies as well as co-founder & former co-artistic director of Guelph Dance.  Janet had the pleasure of dancing for a number of stellar choreographers throughout Canada & was a company dancer with DanceTheatre David Earle for 15 years.  Janet formed Portal Dance in 2011 and the company has created a number of collaborative works that engage the community.  Janet is also a certified Gyrokinesis/Gyrotonic and Conditioning-with-Imagery trainer and received a MA in dance in 2011 focussing on how the arts nurture & nourish community.

Jenn Norton

Jenn E Norton is an artist using time-based media to create immersive, experiential installations that reframe familiar objects, landscapes, and activities as fantastical, dreamlike occurrences. Using stereoscopic, interactive video, animation, augmented reality, sound, and kinetic sculpture, Norton’s installations explore the blurring boundaries of virtual and physical realms. Norton’s recent animations and augmented reality apps draw upon her interest in the ways in which information is exchanged between humans, technology, or, as in her current exhibition at ELLEPHANT (Montreal), plants.⁠

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