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Yassin ‘Narcy’ Alsalman, formerly known as the Narcicyst, is a musician, actor, professor and multi media artist based out of Montreal, Canada. Being a pioneer of the Arab Hip-Hop movement through is Iraqi trio Euphrates in the early 2000s, Yassin Alsalman, was a seminal member of a growing voice in the public sphere.

Currently teaching one of Canada’s only Hip-Hop courses at Concordia University in Montreal, Narcy ethos has been to blend performance with education, media with literacy and creativity with cultural heritage. Yassin is also currently heading an international body of artists WeAreTheMedium, a family of independent creatives that come together for curation, performance, consultation and product based creation.

He is an actor, doing voice overs for video games like Civilization 5 and The Secret World, principal actor in feature film CITY OF LIFE, and many shorts. He recently starred and directed Video of The Year winner at the Much Music Video Awards for Indigenous Supergroup A Tribe Called Red, sharing the screen and mic with yasiin bey, formerly known as Mos Def in R.E.D.
With music as his message, The Medium is the umbrella that encompasses all his creative collective as an international body of ‘independents’, New World Citizens.

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