Nancy Kopman

Video available all weekend July 23rd-25th

This easy-to-follow, active, intimate experience is suitable for babies, toddlers and older children to enjoy independently, along with their grown ups or with each other. Nancy’s songs are interactive and easy to enjoy. As an educator, Nancy’s music, energy and style promote participation regardless of physical involvement, which makes her music inclusive of children with unique physical strengths. “You can also just watch” is an important instruction that allows each child to choose how much involvement feels “right for them”. Regardless of your level of physical involvement, at the end of Nancy’s performance, you’ll feel like you just spent time with a good friend, because that’s one of her overall priorities in her performances…good old-fashioned happiness and warmth.

Nancy Kopman is an Early Childhood Educator, composer and performer specializing in short, catchy songs that help teach babies, toddlers and older children important social, language and communication skills, develop emotional intelligence and serve as a memory tool for retaining specific information (names of the planets, continents, oceans, provinces/territories, parts of a plant and much more). Nancy’s nurturing, welcoming style welcomes children and their families into her warm, safe space, leaving everyone feeling happy, even when it’s time to say goodbye. This is Nancy’s 5th summer performing for the families at Hillside, where, as a former Guelphite herself, she always feels right at home. You can find Nancy’s music on TV, radio, everywhere you download music online and in daycares, preschools and kindergartens all over the world!

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