Moskitto Bar

In more profound ways than just music, Moskitto Bar epitomizes the interconnection of cultures. Hailing from the vibrant melting pot of Toronto, Canada, their music weaves together a captivating fusion of Ukrainian, Balkan, Iraqi Middle-Eastern, and French Celtic influences.

The brainchild of Tangi Ropars, Moskitto Bar began when he crossed paths with Yura, hailing from Ukraine, and Ahmed, from Iraq. During a memorable gathering in Northern Ontario back in June 2016, the trio would meet daily amidst the woods, exchanging and immersing themselves in each other’s melodies and rhythms. While playing, the buzzing rural Ontario mosquitoes seemed to dance in delight, inspiring the band’s fitting name. Almost two years later, the group expanded their musical horizons by welcoming Fethi Nadjem, a talented violinist freshly arrived from Algeria, who added an oriental flair to their already enchanting sound. Beyond their diverse traditions and backgrounds, what binds them together is a deep connection, a shared love and respect, and a collective desire to spread messages of unity. Under the banner of “Connecting Cultures For a Better Future,” Moskitto Bar’s mission goes beyond mere melodies.

With Moskitto Bar, get ready to travel, heal, dream, and dance.

Photo by Zahra Saleki

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