Kira Liss

Building Your Home Yoga Practice

Amidst Covid-19, many of us have taken up or returned to all kinds of home workouts, but staying active without our favourite teachers, classes, gyms and studios has been hard! Yoga is just one of many wonderful forms of movement that you might be trying out amidst the pandemic. Not only a form of physical activity, yoga is an opportunity for mindfulness and syncing breath with movement. A yoga teacher since 2015 with an on and off again home yoga practice, Kira Liss hopes that this workshop will validate the many reasons why participants may desire a regular home practice, but struggle to commit. Kira’s love of movement has helped her return to the mat time and time again and she will share some of the tips that have worked for her over the years and more recently, amidst Covid-19. In this workshop, we will explore the benefits of a home yoga practice, acknowledge the barriers and offer you a template for your home yoga practice.

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