Ken Morris

Ken Morris AKA Jukebox Ken, the king of the campfire jam, is known in the festival scene as the epic, all night, musical host. Ken knows a lot of songs and is happy to sing for hours and encourages other musicians to do the same. The best of bad influencers. The big friendly guy inviting you in to join the choir.

Ken has been around the Guelph music scene for 30 years as a long time member of the Grass and Blues group Chesterfield and the Sofa Kings and earlier as the leader of Ken Morris and the Wyndham hillbillies and open stage host.

Ken is also a prolific singer songwriter with many contributions to Lewis Melville’s Guelph compilation projects such as “Music for Peace” and most recently “Songs for Canada’s future” as well as his own solo projects.

In the recent quiet times, Ken has been plying his humour as Facebook’s giver of bad advice and Youtube’s late night songwriter.

Who has 2 thumbs and can’t wait until we can all play music again around a big campfire? This guy! 

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