Katelin Thériault: Mindful Mending

Katelin Thériault (they/them) is a queer, non-binary artist, born and raised on Attawandaron traditional territory (Guelph, Ontario). As a mixed Acadian/Mi’kmaq/British person, their parents have experienced both church and state-sanctioned forced displacement, as well as immigration to this land as an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. Their work is rooted in this duality and explores ideas of personhood, place, holistic well-being and our sacred connections to nature, as well as strong themes of reclamation and resiliency. Their work is currently manifesting as a relationship-rooted, land-based artistic practice, where they are designing and producing a plant-dyed, natural fibre clothing line, Cedars & Sage. You may find their work online at www.cedarsandsage.com.

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