Joni NehRita

Jamaican-Canadian artist Joni NehRita writes songs about unity, hope and social justice. Her jazz-tinged brand of soul is infused with rhythms & sounds from her Afro-Caribbean background. The Toronto Canada native studied jazz vocals & arranging at Humber College. A multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and budding producer, she has a gift for writing infectious, well-crafted songs that are deeply personal.

This year NehRita releases her 4th full length album, “Love + Protest” which is a marked step further toward global roots/world music while keeping her distinctive gift for writing accessible songs that groove in tact.  Love & Protest explores the juxtaposition between love being “the answer” and fire/anger being the fuel to protest, to question, to be the change. The new album finds NehRita switching from keys to guitar as her main instrument and relies heavily on percussion rhythms found in Caribbean & Brazilian music.

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