James Gordon

James Gordon is a Guelph-based songworker, city councillor, community advocate and riverboat captain. He was the first Artistic Director of the Hillside Festival. Either solo or with his former band Tamarack he has released 40 albums into an unsuspecting world. He was songwriter-in-residence for two long-running CBC radio series. He’s written, produced and acted in 4 full-length musical theatre productions, has toured world-wide relentlessly for longer than he’d like to admit, and has just completed his first novel. Signed to Borealis Records, his latest recording is ‘The Heritage Hall Sessions’, recorded live at Guelph’s Black Heritage Hall, Featuring Jeff Bird, Ian Bell, Anne Lindsay, Tannis Slimmon and Katherine Wheatley. His recent “Emergency Climate Musical” was touring as a fundraiser for environmental groups until that virus hit, and he plans to continue this when able.

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