Heather Plewes and Paulo LaBerge: Winter Cycling

Guelph-based couple Paulo LaBerge and Heather Plewes enjoy a life centred around their shared passion for mountain biking, adventure, and travel. They have bikepacked through Costa Rica, Jordan, and Tanzania and their stories, featuring Heather’s writing and Paulo’s photography, have been featured in several issues of the Bikepacking Journal as well as online publications. They have also given presentations and talks about their adventures to local audiences. Both Paulo and Heather are avid mountain bikers who live for the evenings and weekends out on the trails. Whether on dirt or snow (and occasionally on gravel or pavement), they both feel most at home on two wheels. Biking is exercise, it’s therapy, it’s community. Paulo and Heather believe in the power of cycling to bring people together and are grateful to Hillside for the opportunity to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with the Guelph community.

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