Heather Katz

21st Century Uke

Heather Katz has been part of the Ontario music scene for many years, performing at clubs and festivals. Known for her powerful voice, BB King said, “Her voice is very unusual, I believe the more you hear it, the more you want to.“ She has been honoured to perform with artists such as James Brown, Solomon Burke and BB King. Whether folk, R&B, blues or jazz, Heather adds her soulful voice and the song becomes her own. As the co-owner of Broadway Music in Orangeville, Heather has become the go-to person for ukuleles in Ontario, and serves customers as far away as Yellowknife . She fell in love with the ukulele in 2009 after she picked one up and started noodling in the store. Out of that grew a respect and love for the little instrument. After hearing James Hill perform at the Blue Skies Music Festival, Heather enrolled in his teacher training class and added Ukulele Teacher to her vocal and guitar teaching credentials.

Heather has led the Blue Skies Ukulele Orchestra for several years, as well as presenting workshops at The Midland Ukulele Festival, Harbourfront and the Royal City Ukulele Festival.

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