Heather Johnston: Crocheting

Born and raised in Guelph on Edinburgh Rd. that was a gravel road at that time. I am pretty old. Lived for 34 years now on a 100 acre farm in Belwood.

I am a Mom to 3 wonderful humans and a soon to be a Grandma. My partner, David, and I have been staring at each other for over 43 years. I adore silliness and fun. Laughter besides music is my medicine. My friends and I are always one hand on the door ready for a road trip.

A favoured distraction is found in crafts and creation. I started this adventure with sewing as taught to me by my incredible Grandma, Helena. I started making my drawings into stuffed creations with changeable clothes at about 8 years old. From there, as an adult, my beautiful sister, Clover, taught me formal sewing. I could never do it as much justice as her skills.

It was not until I started making costumes for my kids, which were probably way too elaborate, that I found puppetry. I took that to an extreme with giant marionettes. It was Hillside site décor that gave me my outlet for these creations. Believe me not always with success but certainly with joy. I was already also obsessed with crochet and thought why not take it up a notch and crocheted over a bicycle for display at Hillside bike lock up. My passion for yarn graffiti was born. Trees and shrubs at the Sun Stage are never harmed when I dress them up.

When not hooking, sewing or dancing to music you can find me fossil hunting on the Grand River. Life is grand ain’t it? Look for me at Gospel hour on Sunday at the summer Hillside. I am the one in the choir robe loving our festival to the max.

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