Healing Racial Trauma as a Path to Racial Justice with Carla Beharry

Video available all weekend July 23rd-25th

Racial trauma is pervasive and persistent. It is unpredictable, inter-generational and has the capacity to impact all aspects of functioning, from mental, emotional, physical, to spiritual well-being. One of the tools we, as racialized individuals can use to healing racial trauma is to develop a very embodied, felt-sense of how trauma lands in the body, how nervous system dysregulation is experienced, and how we can use mindfulness and embodiment practices to self-regulate and initiate healing. White-bodied individuals can support this process by learning to recognize racial trauma and by learning to regulate their nervous systems to minimize bias and reduce harm.

Carla Beharry is a mixed-race, intercultural, Guyanese-British-Canadian, a racial justice advocate, and an antiracism & anti-oppression educator. Carla specializes in health & education equity and in healing racial trauma from a somatic, body- based perspective. She works with wellness professionals and educators to build antiracist and equitable healthcare practices and educational opportunities for under-served and under-represented racialized individuals who have been historically over-exploited, excluded, and pushed out of health and wellness systems.
Carla is the co-founder of the Antiracism Community Collective, the founder and co-creator of the WOKE Speaking Events and works to build platforms for racialized and multi-ethnic individuals to have a space to share personal stories of overcoming adversity.
Carla’s DOCUMENTING US video series captures the unique lived experiences of intercultural individuals and racialized people to share ancestral wisdom and family stories.

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