Golden Feather

Golden Feather is comprised of members Bradley Germain, Steven Kiely, Ronson, Gareth Inkster and Murray Heaton, a group that shares a love of music that takes its listeners on a journey. They have released three EPs, “Light On Water” in 2020, “In Air” and “Now & Then” in 2022, and a live album “Welcome\Release” in June of 2023. Their debut full length record is set for release later this year.

Seeing the band live is where you get to really see what they’re all about. It’s very much a two way transfer of energy between the crowd and the band. They’re not afraid to explore their music and try new things out, especially in front of a live audience. Golden Feather shows are full of dancing, sing alongs, and good vibes, something that has to be experienced for yourself to believe. Come watch the Feather Fly!

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