Courtney Marie Andrews (Mariposa Folk Festival)

At just 16 years old, Courtney Marie Andrews left her home in Phoenix, Arizona. She traveled around the United States busking and playing any bars or cafés that would have her, sleeping on Greyhound Buses, friends’ floors and anywhere she could find room. Through relentless performing and traveling, Courtney found herself as a touring musician for Jimmy Eat World and Damien Jurado. After traveling the world with other artists, she began to really focus on releasing her own music and found worldwide critical acclaim with her record Honest Life in 2016. That year found her performing on Later with Jools Holland and on dozens of year lists.

The success that followed Honest Life didn’t afford Courtney the same break to write the material for her next album — May Your Kindness Remain. Althoughpredominantly written on the road — in the van, in hotels, and in the homes of family and friends — it’s not a road record like its predecessor, meaning, it’s not so much inspired by her life on the road as much as it is by the people she’s met along the way. It’s an inward reflection on the connectivity of their stories and her own – a reminder that many people are struggling through the same issues, separate, but together at the same time.  May Your Kindness Remain received critical acclaim not only from outlets such as Rolling Stone, NPR, Variety, The Guardian etc but also from the likes of John Prine, Brandi Carlile, and many others. She spent the next two years touring the world to sold out shows, performing on TV, and writing her next record.

Mariposa Folk Festival is an exciting, vibrant and storied musical happening! Mariposa’s illustrious history extends over 61 glorious years.
The festival is a celebration of song, story, dance and craft, and so much more. Taking place in a beautiful lakeside setting in Orillia, Mariposa features some of the most renowned artists on the North American and international scenes, as well as emerging artists for you to discover. It is a 3-day getaway with 100+ performances on 11 stages, featuring camping, children’s activities, artisans and food vendors. Mariposa is a magical experience for people of all ages.

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