BuenRostro appears at the very south of Mexico City, in the far city province called Milpa Alta.
They grow up listening to the elders nahuatl speakers who also had deeply rooted traditions and customs, being really close to a cosmopolitan city at the same time. Those are the sounds that inspire them to experiment and create through their ancestors’ Mexican traditional rhythms and worldwide: with sones calentanos, from Mexican Bajío, jarochos or huastecos; jarabes, pirekuas, cardenche songs and cumbias; sambas, rock and jazz.

BuenRostro is transforming with each song, defying the traditional sonority with innovative and freshness touches; in addition to the costumes, dances and some theatre, they build up a musical and visual performance of roots and contemporariness.

With no doubt, they are now an actual reference in the traditional music’s avant-garde.

Photo: Julieta Mateos

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