Black History to Heritage: A Conversation

” Right now, we are the ones writing history; we are the ones who determine what is going to be written about us in the future…. We get to decide how we are going to be seen by the future generations.”
– Yoskan Haile, Student Activist

This is Black History to Heritage: a Conversation. Our Canada has been shaped and defined by stories, stories of ghettoized immigrants, stories of land stolen from Indigenous peoples, and stories of the destruction of Black settler communities. However, it has also been defined by stories of immigrant, Indigenous, and Black artists, activists, poets, educators, and youth whose work has gifted us truth, courage, hope, and resilience.  This February, as we enter Black History month, we hope to engage you in shifting the conversation from Black history to heritage.  Through this film, we welcome you to listen to the knowledge, ideas, and work of the deeply committed, community-rooted Canadian Black activists who continue the work of raising consciousness about Black heritage while dismantling and rebuilding the structures on which our country was built. 

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