Benin International Musical

The BIM (Benin International Musical) is made up of six musicians-vocalists who tell the story of the African continent, their history, while highlighting the Vodoun culture which, beyond preconceived ideas, advocates a positive attitude, oriented towards earth and men. A unique group that returns rock and rap to their Vodoun origins. Each performance is a contemporary ceremony, a rare experience not to be missed!

Already on the strength of an international tour of more than 70 dates in more than 20 countries in just two years (Europe, Africa, United States, Canada), the BIM offers a sold-out performance at the Performing Arts Center in New York in 2018 They are spotted by Angélique Kidjo who opens the doors of the legendary Carnegie Hall for them in 2019, which will also be “sold out”.

After a first opus which took the group to the four corners of the world and around a hundred dates in 4 years, BIM returns in 2024 with an innovative new album: BIM#2. Powerful rock tracks, sharp rap flows, deep polyphonies, and voodoo rhythms, this disc will offer a coherent panorama of the music of Benin today.

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