Bab L’ Bluz

Bab L’ Bluz (literally “The door of the Blues”) is a Franco-Moroccan group created in 2018 in Marrakech following the meeting of the Moroccan singer/guitarist Yousra Mansour and the French guitarist / producer Brice Bottin. Passionate about Gnawa music, they decide to learn together the guembri. It is from this French-Moroccan fusion that a new repertoire of 10 tracks of music will be born. Armed with their electric guembris, Bab L’ Bluz resonates a mixture of Gnawa trance rhythms, Hassani songs from southern Morocco and Chaâbi polyrhythms, propelling their music into the magnetic fields of psychedelic rock and volutes of incense.

Led by a woman doukkalia, the group wants to carry a revolution of attitude being part of the movement of the Moroccan youth “Nayda”, a new wave of artists and committed musicians who are inspired by the local heritage and sing texts of freedom in the Moroccan-Arabic dialect, the darija. Very active since its creation, the power quartet travels the globe to distill its hypnotic riffs and spread its mystical and liberating headbanging frenzy to its audience – a true signature of the group. Poetic and powerful, Bab L’ Bluz is an expanding universe, a sonic territory that transcends boundaries.

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