Alanna Gurr: Presented by the Downtown Guelph Business Association

A graceful storyteller and a mesmerizing performer, Alanna Gurr is a bold and unique voice in the world of contemporary Canadian song writing. With work that presents stories of personal growth, paired with the desire to experience life and love in their fullest and most honest forms, Gurr’s thoughtful and introspective lyrics are both comforting and assertive. Gurr’s new material, currently being recorded with producer Jim Bryson (Kathleen Edwards, Sarah Harmer, Tanya Davis), strides into a domain of deepened self-reliance and confidence. Her sophistication and sensibility present in both her lyrics and arrangements, earned through years of hard work in the Canadian music industry, they shine boldly and brightly. Whether she’s supported by her minimal rock outfit, or solo on stage, Gurr’s deeply felt and carefully conceived songs are served sublimely by her smooth voice and precision.

Presented by Downtown Guelph Business Association

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