Aaron Riches

Aaron Riches is a musician and professor currently based in the state of Kansas. Originally from Guelph, Ontario, Riches used to write a lot of songs and he once played drums and sang in the post-hardcore punk rock band Minnow, he once played guitar and sang as himself, and he once played guitar and sang in the wondrous, outsider folk band, Royal City, which also featured contributions by Jim Guthrie, Nathan Lawr, Simon Osbourne, Lonnie James, Jonny James, Owen Pallett, Sufjan Stevens, Bob Wiseman, and Leslie Feist among others. In 2004, Royal City played its last show and Riches essentially vanished from public life to tend to his family, his schooling, and his teaching career. The Hillside Festival asked him to digitally film himself singing a song for their Hillside Homeside virtual festival, which is taking place on the internet between July 24 and 26 in the year 2020. Aaron agreed to do that.

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