How to Homeside (FAQ)


Remember how being at Island Stage for your favourite band meant you couldn’t also be at the Lake Stage for your second-favourite band because they were on at the same time?  Homeside releases you from all of that pressure, giving you the opportunity to curate your own schedule from a feast of offerings that will be available online for about 54 hours July 23-25, 2021. So, play artistic director this weekend, and make your own playlist from over 100 performances and workshops.  They will all be gone by Monday morning, so don’t wander off weeding and making a bird feeder from bottle caps this weekend:  you’ll miss everything!

How much is Hillside Homeside?

It’s free!
However, if you feel inspired to pay something for the experience, please visit our Donate page.

When does it start? Is there a schedule?

The festival opens at 6:00pm on Friday with our Welcome from the Main Stage.  At 6:15pm, most of the programming will be available on the different stages/pages of our website (you might have to refresh the page if you open it earlier). The videos will be available all weekend, and by Monday morning they will all be gone.

Are you offering what you usually do at the summer festival?

We are trying to offer as much as we can in the way of programming on the Main Stage, Lake Stage, Island Stage, Rainbow Stage, Sun Stage, Workshops “Tents,” and Drum and Dance area.  We even have a Food section where you can cook along with some of our culinary artists, learn about preparing meals for wilderness camping and learn the fascinating science of making ice cream. 

How do we watch performances?

On the festival weekend, you can access performances in three ways:  watch videos by going to an artist’s page, watch them by going to the Stage pages, or watch them by going to a playlist that we have set up per Stage.  Or you can combine these approaches.  For now, until the festival is underway, you can click on artists’ and presenters’ names on our Lineup or Stage pages to learn more about them.  This is how you become your own festival curator and artistic director. 

On each stage of the summer festival, here’s what you will find:
Main Stage – Opening /
Island Stage – Gospel / Youth Showcase
Lake Stage – Now and Then / Partner presentations
Sun Stage – Poetry / Readings / Theatre/ Spoken Word
Rainbow Stage – Performances and children’s workshops
Indigenous Circle – Message
Drum & Dance – Performances and workshops
Workshops – Active Living / Body and Mind / DIY / Environment / Interplay / Performing Arts
Food – Cooking with culinary artists
Artisan Market – Links to online shops [are we including this, Janet?]

I’m planning a watch party with friends.  How should I plan out the weekend?  Think about mixing time being a spectator with time being a participant.  Spend some time scrolling through the workshop descriptions now so you can gather any materials you might need for the weekend.  Have drum sticks on hand for the percussion workshop with found objects, for instance. 

Who’s playing?

Check out our lineup page for artists and workshop presenters. Or select an area to visit and browse the videos you will find there.

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